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Welcome to the Worldwide Shoppers Club a new way to live, work and play

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You receive residual bills why not residual cash-back Rebates?

Join the growing number of Members who are receiving cash-back Rebates just
from shopping at local businesses for products and services they need.

Imagine having the financial liberty to do what you want when you want. If your
dream is to pay your mortgage or rent, travel, pay tuition, have more cash flow,
or even retire early... accelerating Rebates can take you there.

Shopping local makes a difference in your community.

The Worldwide Shoppers Club is a not-for-profit private membership Club which

1. Members: a loyalty program that rewards shopping at small local

2. Merchants: a growing customer base of WSC Members eager to support

3. Non-Profits: a unique passive fundraising program with limitless cash-flow

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It’s as easy as 1,2,3



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Y's Choice Wellness Centre is a merchant with WSC and we're excited to have been able to pay our 1st invoices...yeah, more rebates for our clients!
It was the easiest process...looked at the first invoice, clicked on the payment gateway and was able to include all of the invoices in one payment! Checked out the invoices a few minutes later and they all were stamped 'Invoice Paid'...it can't get any easier than that! Love WSC:))
Yvonne Affleck, Y's Choice Wellness Centre
"In my opinion, ...I Believe that this Club is the Light at the end of the Tunnel ...I have personally been affiliated in other Opportunities, but this one, is the one that has attracted the interest of my Children and their families  ...Together we are following the Light" ! 
Thank You Worldwide Shoppers Club!
Linda Peterson - Red Deer Alberta, Canada